Cardinal Engine Upgrade

Improving on a classic

The classic Cessna Cardinal 177 is a legendary, high-wing single-engine Cessna aircraft featuring fixed landing gear and a cantilever wing without strut bracing. Now, you can upgrade your classic Cardinal’s performance and increase its value with the Cardinal engine upgrade. The Lycoming Echelon STC increases horsepower, performance, and speed of the Cessna Cardinal 177RG powerplant.

The popular Cessna 177 Cardinal celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. The Cardinal 177RG, the final design in the 177 family, was originally equipped with a Lycoming IO-360-A engine. 

Lycoming teamed with McCauley Propeller and Cessna to bring this upgrade package to Cardinal fliers. It will include a new or factory-rebuilt Lycoming IO-390-A1A6 engine, a new McCauley governor, a Slick Start ignition, and recommendations for overhauling the two-blade propeller used on most flying Cardinal RGs. Installation of the Echelon STC upgrade for the Cardinal RG is fast and simple without major modification as the existing IO-360-A and the new IO-390-A1A6 have the same footprint and major systems.

The IO-390 STC offers:
• Additional horsepower
• Improved climb and speed
• Better performance and reliability
• Increase in your airframe value

The STC package will include:
• New or rebuilt IO-390-A1A6
• Slick Start ignition
• Options for a new or overhauled McCauley Propeller