ProAdvantage Programs

Service Overview

Your aircraft comes first

ProAdvantage is an owner support system designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize the resale value of your aircraft. This family of innovative programs allows you to accurately budget for your maintenance costs and save with long-term price protection. With ProAdvantage Programs, you can protect nearly every system in your jet including wear-out items. You’ll have the convenience of a single point of contact to handle any questions or concerns as well as expedited turnaround times on service events.


PowerAdvantage covers parts for line maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled engine events, hot section inspection (HSI), and overhaul for Citation models 510, 550B, 560, 560XL, and 680.

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PowerAdvantage+ adds all life-cycle limited components and P&WC shop labor at HSI and overhaul to your PowerAdvantage coverage for Citation models 510, 550B, 560, 560XL, and 680.

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A limited selection of PowerAdvantage benefits covering engine ignition path parts and consumables for Citation models 525 Series, 550B, 560, 560 XL, and 680.

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ProParts covers airframe systems and avionics parts required for line, scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance with monthly payments based on reported flight hours for aircraft models 208, 510, 525 Series, 550, 550B, 560, 560XL, 650, 680, and 750.

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Locks in labor costs based on the consumer price index and prevents them from rising above the contract term for Citation models 510, 525 Series, 550, 550B, 560, 560XL, 680, and 750.

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OEM engine support for Citation jets powered by Williams International including Citation models in the 525 Series.

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TapAdvantage Blue

Developed to support all FJ44 Operators (525, 525A, 525B, 525C and aftermarket installs on 501 and 550) now includes FOD, Corrosion, optional Service Bulletins and many more benefits to increase the value of your aircraft.

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Stabilize costs for APU parts replacement and overhauls with a fixed hourly rate for parts and depot level labor at both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events for Citation models Honeywell APUs on 560XL, 650, 680, and 750.

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