Accounting and Finance

Providing the foundation for excellence in the air, the Cessna Finance Organization strives to be the premier finance function of the aerospace industry. Our talented staff has the necessary initiative, leadership skills, and team-first attitude to meet and exceed high standards of quality and service.

What we do

The Cessna Finance Organization is responsible for:

  • Engine Parts
  • Cost development
  • General accounting
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Internal audit
  • Tax and finance for business partners
Join our dedicated team and be the numbers behind innovation and invention.

Customer Service

We are the connection between our company and the people who fly our products, and our primary objective is their complete satisfaction. We answer the questions of pilots and owners, find solutions to problems, and share opportunities for improved performance and more efficient operations. From offices in San Antonio to Paris, our work environment is designed to bring out the best in employees. When you join the Customer Service team at Cessna, you become part of a smart, talented, and dedicated workforce that ensures the customer success for an aerospace industry leader.

Customer Service career paths:

  • Cessna Customer Service Engineering
    Be a customer liaison with direct interaction with Cessna owners, pilots, and mechanics. Provide product information, analysis, and professional advice on the entire Cessna line.

  • Cessna Citation Service Centers
    Your job would be to set the industry standard for maintenance and then exceed it. Citation Service Centers are responsible for the maintenance, inspection, upgrades, and refurbishment of Citation business jets, and customer service representatives are an integral part of a service center’s success.

  • Cessna Technical Services
    Be an expert on the finer details and data of Cessna. Cessna Technical Services collects, prepares, and distributes information and revisions on the technical aspects of flying a Cessna aircraft.

  • Cessna Field Service
    Support Cessna operators on-site and around the world. Strong problem-solving skills and a love of travel are ideal, as the Cessna Field Service will be instrumental in increasing Cessna’s global competitive edge.

  • Cessna Maintenance Engineering
    Work to develop maintenance plans that will minimize aircraft downtime for our customers. Cessna Maintenance Engineers analyze procedures to make them more efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

  • Cessna Aircraft Parts Distribution
    Make sure the right parts are within reach of the service that needs them, when they need them. Cessna Aircraft Parts Distribution works to eliminate AOG delays, lower operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


Our engineering team is the definitive leader of the general aviation industry. That’s a tradition that goes back to 1920, when Clyde Cessna and his team of aircraft pioneers broke new engineering ground with every aircraft they created. From debuting the world’s best lightweight jet, the Citation Mustang, to pushing business travel to the next level with the Citation X, Cessna engineers strive for and achieve excellence in aviation design.

What sets us apart

Cessna is dedicated to hiring the most talented, forward-thinking engineers in the field. Our mission to always be industry innovators requires we build a team that is inspired and dedicated. To do so, we provide a work environment that is dynamic and motivating. Brilliance can come from any part of our team, and we value the contributions of all our engineers. We push them to hone their skills and work to their unique strengths. Because as a Cessna engineer, you are the core of our success.

Human Resources

Cessna Human Resources strategically partners with all departments, delivering programs and services to attract, motivate, and retain a talented, diverse and dedicated workforce.

At Cessna, we’re committed to developing top talent by empowering our workforce and providing exciting opportunities. As a Human Resources professional you will have the opportunity to develop a partnership with employees and provide guidance and support in workforce development. 

Areas within Human Resources include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Compensation, Benefits, Employee and Labor Relations, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Health Services.

What we do

  • Talent Acquisition and Talent Management (TM)

The TA team specializes in recruiting, selecting, and hiring diverse and top talent who aspire to learn and grow their career through broadening and cross-functional assignments.  TM is a process that requires HR and leaders to diligently work hand in hand to cultivate a competitive yet collaborative work environment by facilitating the continuous movement and development of talent to where it can have the most impact within the organization.

  • Compensation

Our Compensation team is responsible for activities that ensure we provide competitive compensation for our employees. Activities may include conducting salary surveys, analyzing and preparing job descriptions, and establishing equitable salary rates within the organization. You’ll have an opportunity to interact with all levels of the organization and provide guidance to managers on company salary policies and practices.

  • The Cessna Employee Service Center (CESC)

The Cessna Employee Service Center (CESC) provides day-to-day guidance to employees, supervision, and other HR professionals regarding Benefits, Company policies, Absence Management, and other general HR questions.  The CESC also provides a wide variety of HR services. As a part of the CESC team, you’ll be exposed to a broad spectrum of HR activity and have the opportunity to assist other employees with their everyday HR needs.

  • Labor Relations

As a member of our Labor Relations team you’ll gain a wide exposure in the administration of our Collective Bargaining Agreement with the union. You’ll provide council to management and others in the HR team and have an impact on matters pertaining to contract negotiations, employee grievance cases, arbitrations, and federal and state labor legislation.

  • Employee Relations

As a member of the Employee Relations team, you’ll have an opportunity to support our salaried exempt and nonexempt employees to ensure a positive environment for all team members by helping to solve work-related issues, assisting in elevating employee performance and behavior, and help support a best-in-class workforce.

  • Health Services

The Health Services Department is attentive to the health and safety of our employees.  They provide medical emergency response and work-related injury care.  In addition, Health Services supplies pre-employment physical screenings, return to work evaluations, absence management, medical surveillance, and fitness for duty services all to ensure the safe placement of individuals within our workforce.  Health Services focuses on preventative health through ergonomics and wellness program offerings as well.  As a member of Health Services team, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with all levels of the organization and make a positive impact on the well-being of our employees.


Information Technology

IT and MIS are the infrastructure and backbone of our technology resources. They ensure everything runs at the necessary speed for innovation, and the career opportunities within these departments are as diverse as the aircrafts we build.

What we do

  • Business integration and application
    Develop an expert understanding of business drivers by working closely with Cessna’s functional departments to create and deliver application-related projects and programs. Problem-solve to determine what applications, tools, and technologies will support customer objectives.

  • IT architecture
    Monitor data management and make technical decisions about what software will lead to success and efficiency. Ensure technology streamlines with strategy, and manage the data warehouse that stores, manipulates, and manages all technological data.

  • Infrastructure
    Work closely with our supplier, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), to ensure service is up to speed. Communicate with both internal customers and supplier to identify performance issues and how to address them.

  • IT security
    Keep data, applications, hardware, and network systems secure, while reducing the risk and potential for incidents or disasters with technology resources or important data.

Integrated Supply Chain

With locations all over the world and many high-tech projects happening at once, Cessna has a lot of moving parts. The departments within the Integrated Supply Chain at Cessna work closely to stay organized and ensure materials are available when needed and at a low cost.

What makes the supply chain?

  • Material finance and administration
    Manages the auditing process, coordinates the budget, and provides cost analysis.

  • Material requirements planning group
    Forecasts material needs to ensure production stays on schedule and inventory is available.

  • Material stores
    Manages shipping, receiving, warehousing, transportation, surplus and scrap disposal, and government property control.

  • Material programs
    Works with engineering and the Manufacturing department to ensure material acquisition complies with new development programs and schedules.

  • Procurement
    Negotiates the purchase and delivery of materials, parts, and equipment to ensure quality and maximum company profit.

  • Production control and logistics
    Manages production schedules and order releases, working closely with Engineering and Manufacturing departments.


We take inventive ideas and make them real. As a member of our manufacturing team, you’ll ensure the highest standard of quality and reliability and transform blueprint designs into finished aircraft ready for the sky.

What we do

  • Tooling operations and maintenance
  • Assembly of all Cessna aircraft
  • Assembly of detail parts
  • Multidepartment production support
  • Manufacturing Technical Services for technical support
  • Manage operating budgets and cost-control
  • Aircraft-interior design and installation
  • New product development
  • Paint operations
  • Product and procedure quality assurance
  • Reliability testing and improvement

Marketing and Sales

The front lines of Cessna’s business initiative, we develop business solutions to achieve company goals. And we do so thinking of the customer first.

What we do

  • Sales
    Our talented sales team is divided into multiple areas of focus, including Citation Domestic, Caravan, International, and Pre-owned. This allows us to home in on our target markets and achieve business goals.

  • Marketing Communications
    Creates the strategy and sees through the implementation of brand communications that share Cessna’s story of aviation pride and leadership. Marketing includes events planning, social media planning, public relations, graphic and print design, and customer insights.

  • Contract Administration
    Reviews and approves prices, terms, and special conditions of new and used Citation and Caravan sales contracts.