Hiring process

Career overview

A step-by-step overview

We are dedicated to finding the best professionals in the industry to join our team. We have made applying for a career at Cessna as simple and straightforward as possible. Here is the process:

1. Apply online
The online application process is simple and easy: create a profile, upload your resume, complete any required assessments, and submit. You can then track the status of your application using the “Jobs Summary” tab. 

2. Candidate screening
A Cessna Employment Representative will contact qualified candidates for an initial talent screening. 

3. Manager review
Cessna Employment Representatives will review the most qualified candidates with the hiring manager and decide whom to bring in for an interview. 

4. Interview and evaluation
After interviewing each candidate, Cessna Employment Representatives will meet with hiring managers to discuss candidate evaluations and make a final hiring decision.  

5. Offer
Cessna Employment Representatives will reach out to the selected candidate and make a verbal offer, followed up by a formal offer letter. Offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of a physical, drug screen, and background check. 

6. Hire
Once the position is filled, other candidates will be notified of disqualification in the online system and/or a formal letter sent via email. 

How to apply

Setting up your online profile
In order to apply for an open position, you need to create a profile on our website. After doing so, you can submit your résumé to posted positions of interest, check on the status of your résumé, and complete any position assessments. You can edit your profile at any time. 

Uploading your résumé and additional documentation
Employment Representatives will be able to access your résumé through keyword searches once it is uploaded, and you may be considered for applicable positions across all Textron businesses. It is recommended, however, that you post your résumé to your position(s) of interest. You can also attach additional documents to your profile. To do so, go to your profile, select “edit,” and browse for your document in the “resume” section of your profile. After you select it, you’ll need to give it a name — “Cover Letter,” “List of References,” etc. — and save your profile.

Assessments provide Employment Representatives with additional means of qualifying candidates. They consist of no more than 10 true or false questions and should be completed at the time you are applying. Assessments will occasionally include a text-based question. If you opt to complete the assessment at a later time, you can find it listed under the “Assessments You Need to Take” section of your profile. 

Applying for multiple positions
You may submit your résumé to any positions of interest, but you should only apply to positions for which you are qualified.

Checking in on your application

Check in online only
Once you apply online, your résumé is uploaded into an electronic database and you should check on your application status using the Jobs Summary tab only. No phone calls please. If you have any questions about the application process, you may contact us via email at cessnajobs@cessna.textron.com.

Your application status
After submitting, you can check on the status of your application using the Jobs Summary tab. 

If you’ve been marked “Not Selected” or “Disqualified”
This usually means the Employment Representative has identified a candidate(s) that is more qualified or a better fit for the position. It is also possible that a candidate had already been selected or the position had been canceled. Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific feedback due to the volume of applications we receive. 

Re-applying to a position
In the event you accidentally remove yourself from consideration, please email us at cessnajobs@cessna.textron.com and we will reinstate your résumé submission

Updating your profile with new information
You can edit your profile at any time, so update it as often as necessary to keep all information up to date.