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Businessman trades airline status for schedule flexibility

Racecar-driver-turned-engineer chooses the TTx

Whether he’s on the racetrack, in the air or in a courtroom, details matter to Micky Gilbert. As a mechanical engineer who investigates automobile accidents, Gilbert helps uncover facts others don’t readily see. When he found traveling for work was becoming especially difficult, he searched for a better solution.

Automobile accident investigators Micky Gilbert and Jason Nirvelli travel extensively for work on their own schedules using Gilbert’s aircraft.

Gilbert took delivery of his first business aircraft, a Cessna® TTx®, to add efficiency to his growing business.

“My work is all around the country, which is why I decided to get the TTx,” said Gilbert.

The businessman and his colleague used to rely on a combination of cobbled-together airline flights and rental cars. He’s flown commercially so much he earned “elite” status — a milestone he was eager to trade for the convenience and flexibility of a business aircraft.

“I was 1K United for 12 years. You know how it is. You waste your whole day in the airport. I’m excited to not be 1K,” said Gilbert, referring to United Airlines’ frequent flyer program for customers who earn 100,000 miles or more in a year.

Gilbert posing with race car

"My true passion for 20 years has been racing open-wheel cars. I started in college. My end mission was to race in the Indy 500. I reached the Indy Lights Series, just below the Indy 500. I was able to race at Indy three times; that was fun," said Gilbert.

Always on the road

Based in Denver, Gilbert’s work takes him around the country, week after week. Spending so many days on the road used to rob him of time with his family, friends and favorite pastimes. With the TTx, Gilbert has taken back that time. Instead of spending days on the road inspecting up to a couple dozen scenes within a single region, he gets the same amount of work done in a fraction of the time, often without any overnight stays.

“If I have an investigation in Kansas City, I can go there in the morning and come back in the afternoon. It’s so nice to be home and sleep in my own bed more, rather than be constantly on the road,” said Gilbert.

Researching the options

Before buying his first aircraft, Gilbert researched his options — extensively — as you might expect from an engineer experienced in vehicle dynamics testing and design analysis.

After carefully considering performance, history and value, Gilbert chose Cessna and the TTx. He’s happy with that choice. “I love the TTx. It’s going to change everything for me.”

Engineer and automobile accident investigator Micky Gilbert is widely published in industry journals and holds two patents for safety equipment on automobiles.

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