• Maximum Range

    1,200 nm

  • Maximum Cruise Speed

    340 ktas

  • Maximum Occupants


  • Useful Load

    3,130 lb

  • Takeoff Field Length

    3,110 ft

Free Spirited and Independent

This single pilot aircraft combines the comfort of a large business jet with the freedom to roam of a light aircraft. The speed and range inspired performance of the Citation® Mustang® will tackle the sky like a jet, while delivering the efficiency of a lighter aircraft. The aerodynamic design and advanced technology of the Mustang make for exceptional short-field performance and the ability to cruise over the weather.



The Mustang airframe is designed with engineering principles in mind, using multiple load paths, low stress levels, and small panel sizes in the primary structure.

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Treat Yourself To Comfort

  • 4 seat

Select Your Personal Touches

  • Black Diamond

    The Black Diamond optional interior features a classic high contrast color combination of black and cream, richly textured loop pile wool carpet and high fashion embossed leather accent details.

  • Nordic

    The Nordic optional interior features two-toned leather seats in a light blend of ivory and taupe and richly textured loop pile wool carpet, that create a crisp, open environment.


An Avionics Suite that goes above and beyond

The three-screen Garmin® G1000™ avionics suite in the Mustang significantly decreases single pilot workload and stress while consolidating all primary flight, navigation, engine and sensor data onto large, easy-to-scan, flat-panel displays.

A pilot’s best friend

The Garmin Flight Management System (FMS) is a navigation solution for en-route, terminal and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) precision approach. The FMS will organize flight plans to be readily accessible and displayed via the moving map. Pilots have the option of overlaying present position references with geopolitical and airspace boundaries on any map format.

Know what’s out there

Clear knowledge of weather conditions ahead of the aircraft is critical to any pilot. The weather-avoidance radar system enhances situational awareness with accurate information to help pilots avoid unsafe weather conditions.

  • Garmin FMS with dual WAAS-enabled GPS for navigation
  • Weather-avoidance radar
  • Terrain-avoidance warning system
  • Traffic information system
  • Dual attitude heading reference system
  • Dual air data computers
Optional Avionics Include
  • Jeppesen ChartView
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology
  • Honeywell’s Traffic Advisory System
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Weather
  • CVDR
Citation Mustang avionics detailed component specifications
  • Dual 10.4-inch (diagonal) TFT LCD control display units with integrated terrain-awareness system (TAWS B) utilized as primary flight displays (PFD) — Garmin GDU 1040A
  • Single 15-inch (diagonal) TFT LCD control display unit with integrated terrain-awareness system (TAWS B) utilized as a multifunction display (MFD) — Garmin GDU 1500
  • Dual engine/airframe interface units — Garmin GEA 71
  • Dual digital air data computers (ADC) — Garmin GDC 74B
  • Dual digital attitude heading reference systems (AHRS) — Garmin GRS 77
  • Dual magnetometers — Garmin GMU 44
  • Dual integrated avionics units with VHF Nav/Com, GPS receivers, flight directors, and aural warning generator — Garmin GIA 63W
  • Dual digital audio control panels — Garmin GMA 1347D
  • Single remote flight management system (FMS) / MFD control keyboard — Garmin GCU 475
  • Three-axis automatic flight control system (AFCS) with integrated pitch trim — Garmin GFC 700 with Garmin GMC 710 Mode Controller
  • Dual Mode S Diversity Transponders with Enhanced Surveillance and Traffic Information System (TIS) — Garmin GTX 33D
  • Four-color weather-avoidance radar — Garmin GWX 68
  • Satellite data link weather transceiver — Garmin GDL 69A
  • Electric standby attitude indicator — Mid Continent Instruments 4200
  • Electromechanical standby airspeed Indicator -—Aerosonic 261440
  • Electromechanical Standby Altimeter — Aerosonic 162350
  • Emergency locator transmitter (ELT) — Artex C406-N
  • Pilot-selectable Flight Path Scan narrows the scan range to ±10, 20, or 30 degrees and increases the scan rate
Ground mapping depicts terrain features with a separate color scheme from the weather modes
Installed on center glare shield panel
  • LH and RH master caution/master warning lights
  • LH and RH engine fire control switches
  • Flight director/autopilot controller
  • Electronic standby instrument system
  • LH and RH display control units
Installed on instrument panel (left to right)
  • LH primary flight display (PFD)
  • Multifunction display (MFD)
  • RH primary flight display (PFD)
Installed on tilt panel (left to right)
  • Electrical power panel
  • Pressurization controls
  • Ice protection controls
  • Windshield anti-ice controls
  • Fuel controls
  • Engine start control
  • Ignition controls
  • Landing gear control module
  • Lighting controls
  • Flight hour meter
  • ELT remote switch
  • Environmental controls
Installed on pedestal
  • Engine power levers
  • Flap control handles
  • Speed brake control
  • Elevator trim control and indicator
  • Takeoff/Go-Around button
  • Rudder trim control
  • Aileron trim control
  • Emergency gear release
Installed beneath the instrument panel
  • Emergency brake handle
  • Parking brake handle



40 ft 7 in (12.37 m)


13 ft 5 in (4.09 m)


43 ft 2 in (13.16 m)


Length 40 ft 7 in (12.37 m)
Height 13 ft 5 in (4.09 m)
Wingspan 43 ft 2 in (13.16 m)
Wing Area 210 sq ft (19.51 sq m)
Wing Sweep 11.0 degrees
Wheelbase 14 ft 4 in (4.37 m)
Tread 11 ft 10 in (3.61 m)

Cabin Interior

Height 54 in (1.37 m)
Width 55 in (1.40 m)
Length 9 ft 9 in (2.97 m)
Maximum Occupants 5
Single Pilot Certified Yes

Baggage Capacity

Weight 718 lb (325.7 kg)
Volume 63 cu ft (1.78 cu m)


Maximum Ramp Weight 8,730 lb (3,960 kg)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 8,645 lb (3,921 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight 8,000 lb (3,629 kg)
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 6,750 lb (3,062 kg)
Usable Fuel Weight 2,580 lb (1,170 kg)
Usable Fuel Volume 385 gal (1,457 l)
Basic Operating Weight 5,600 lb (2,540 kg)
Useful Load 3,130 lb (1,420 kg)
Maximum Payload 1,150 lb (522 kg)
Full Fuel Payload 550 lb (249 kg)


Maximum Cruise Speed 340 ktas (630 km/h)
Maximum Range 1,200 nm (2,222 km)
Takeoff Field Length 3,110 ft (948 m)
Landing Distance 2,380 ft (725 m)
Maximum Operating Altitude 41,000 ft (12,497 m)
Maximum Climb Rate 3,010 fpm (917 mpm)
Maximum Limit Speed 0.63 Mach (0.63 Mach)


Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Model PW615F
Thrust 1,460 lb (6.49 kN)