• 1,250 nm

  • 235 ktas

  • 4 people

  • 1,000 lb

  • 1,280 ft

Arrive First in Speed and Style

At 235 knots, the Cessna TTx® is the fastest fixed-gear piston aircraft in its class. Its efficient laminar-flow wing design, the race-bred engine and the low-drag profile all add up to unprecedented speed. The TTx has a lighter and stronger all-composite body and wing that provide a signature stable ride, and remains the only aircraft in its class to hold a rugged Utility Category certification due to its airframe strength. The TTx is certified for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) extending the mission capability of the TTx.

The TTx is certified for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI). The optional FIKI system extends the TTx’s mission capabilities and enables pilots to file flight plans for varying weather conditions allowing owners’ business and recreational plans to stay on schedule. FIKI certification is more than additional safety; it’s an added degree of dispatch reliability and travel flexibility.


An overall performance package that inspires confidence…

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The sleek and modern interior is a pilot’s sanctuary…

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New, clean flight deck powered by G2000 avionics

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The standard in highly engineered, single-engine, fixed-gear aircraft…

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TTx Documentation

TTx Electronic Brochure

TTx Electronic Brochure

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TTx Electronic Brochure

TTx Surge Electronic Brochure

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Take on the sky with confidence


Artful cabin interiors

Interior Options

Fully lined cabin walls and handcrafted workmanship make each TTx cabin a work of art. The Blaze series features a crème headliner upper area, creating a warm classic visual experience, accented in classic black contrast details on the lower sidewalls and flooring. Black leather wraps the side stick controls and armrests. While the Lunar series features an ivory headliner upper area, creating a bright sporty environment, accented in classic black contrast details on the lower sidewalls and flooring. Black leather wraps the side stick controls and armrests.

TTx Blaze Dark Interior collection TTx Blaze Light Interior collection TTx Blaze Two Tone Interior Collection TTx Lunar Dark Interior Collections TTx Lunar Light Interior Collections Lunar Two Tone Interior Collection

Blaze Dark

Blaze Dark interior includes black leather seating overall with charcoal microfiber insert.

  • Blaze Dark TTx Blaze Dark Interior collection
  • Blaze Light TTx Blaze Light Interior collection
  • Blaze Two-Tone TTx Blaze Two Tone Interior Collection
  • Lunar Dark TTx Lunar Dark Interior Collections
  • Lunar Light TTx Lunar Light Interior Collections
  • Lunar Two-Tone Lunar Two Tone Interior Collection
  • Blaze Dark

    Blaze Dark interior includes black leather seating overall with charcoal microfiber insert.

  • Blaze Light

    Blaze Light interior includes crème leather seating overall with perforated crème leather insert.

  • Blaze Two-Tone

    Premium Surge Blaze two-tone interior includes crème leather seat face combined with black leather seat backs, bolsters, and trim.

  • Lunar Dark

    Lunar Dark interior includes black leather seating overall with charcoal microfiber insert.

  • Lunar Light

    Lunar Light interior includes ivory leather seating overall with embossed ivory leather insert.

  • Lunar Two-Tone

    Premium Surge Lunar two-tone interior includes Ivory leather seat face combined with black leather seat backs, bolsters, trim, and headrest.


Simple, powerful, elegant

Pilot/flight deck synergism

Pilots, have a seat behind your new, clean flight deck with a fraction of the knobs and buttons you may be used to. The new Intrinzic™ flight deck powered by Garmin G2000 avionics is intuitive and designed to compliment the pilot’s knowledge and skill. The avionics suite of the TTx integrates Cessna’s DirectControl technology, which gives pilots complete, precise command over maneuvering and handling the aircraft. The TTx is so responsive, in fact, you might think you’re flying a jet.

Touch and go

Quickly access flight data and communications via the GTC 570 touch-screen controller. This touch-screen interface enables you to access more menus with fewer keystrokes or page sequences. Intuitive icons simplify complex functions. Menu structures are shallow and streamlined for rapid utilization. Data entry is centralized to one location, minimizing hand/eye movements.

Managing navigation and communication radios is as simple as speed dialing on your smartphone — one touch and you have dialogue. The touch screen also gives you control of the remote audio/intercom system, transponder codes and idents, electronic checklist entries, as well as flight plan entry and editing. Despite its wide range of complex capabilities, the touch screen is designed to never overwhelm. "Back" and "home" keys on its display allow you to quickly retrace your steps or return to the home screen with a single touch.

Your electronic sixth sense

The TTx’s Electronic Stability and Protection System (ESP) enhances safety like never before. This electronic monitoring and exceedance-correcting technology is integrated into the Intrinzic™ flight deck and assists in maintaining the aircraft in a safe, flight-stable condition. The ESP helps in certain situations to prevent the onset of loss-of-control conditions like stalls, spins, or steep spirals. This technology is invaluable if the worst happens — the pilot becomes compromised or incapacitated during flight.

The ESP functions independently of the autopilot, operating automatically whenever you hand-fly the aircraft. The way it works is simple — gently nudging the controls back to stable flight whenever pitch, roll, or high-speed deviations exceed recommended limits. The ESP will disengage when the aircraft returns to normal flight.

Another critical feature of the ESP is high and low airspeed protection, which engages and applies force to the control yoke to increase the aircraft’s pitch attitude and prevent a further increase in airspeed. Its built-in parameters prevent the aircraft from exceeding G-limit load factors upon pullout. When you fly your TTx, the peace of mind afforded by the ESP will help you to relax and enjoy your adventure even more.

    Standard avionics include:
  • GDU 1040A Pilot Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • GDU 1040A Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • GDC 74A Dual Air Data Computer (ADC)
  • GEA 71 Engine/Airframe Unit
  • GRS 77 Dual Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • GMA 1347 Single Audio System with Integrated Marker Beacon Receiver
  • GTX 33 Mode S Transponder
  • Garmin Relative Terrain/Obstacles
  • Garmin Flight Charts Capable
  • Garmin Safe Taxi Capable
  • Switch, Avionics Power (Two) (On-Off)
  • Artex ME-406 2-Frequency (Non-Nav Interfaced) ELT with Remote Switch and Monitor Light (Dorsal Fin Installation)
  • Avionics Cooling, (2) cowl deck fans and (3) display fans PA System with Aft Cabin Speakers
    ENGINE INDICATION SYSTEM (EIS) displayed on MFD during normal operations:
  • Engine and system displays — Show numeric readouts of critical engine, fuel, and electrical indications and calculations for the following:
  • Manifold pressure
  • Propeller speed
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Fuel quantity
  • Fuel flow
  • Ammeter/voltmeter
  • Cylinder Head Temperature
  • Turbine Inlet Temperature
    Intrinzic Cockpit powered by Garmin
  • GMA-36 Remote Digital Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon/Intercom
  • GTC-570 Touch Screen Controller
  • GTX-33ES Transponder-Mode S, w-Traffic Information System capability
  • GDU-1400 Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • GDU-1400 Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • GEA-71 Engine/Airframe Computer
  • GRS-77 AHRS (dual)
  • GDC-74A Air Data Computer w/OAT Probe
  • GMU-44 Magnetometer (dual)
  • GDL-69A Flight Information System (FIS) w/XM Radio
  • GCU-275 Primary Flight Display (PFD) Controller
  • Terrain Awareness System (TAWS-B)
  • Electronic Checklist
  • GFC-700 Autopilot
  • Go-Around Switch
  • Electric Trim
  • A/P Disconnect
  • Control Wheel Steering Button
  • GMC-720 Auto Flight Controller System (AFCS)
  • Garmin SafeTaxi & FliteCharts (FliteCharts do not provide geosynchronous positioning)
  • GTS-800 Traffic Advisory System
  • ESI-1000 L-3 Trilogy (Backup Airspeed, Altimeter, and Attitude)
  • Control Stick Push-To-Talk Switch-Pilot/Copilot
  • Mic & Phone Jacks — Pilot/Copilot/Passengers (Bose and Standard)
  • Antennas:
  • Marker Beacon Antenna
  • Transponder Antenna
  • WAAS/COMM Antenna (1) • GPS/XM Antenna (1)
  • COMM Antenna (1)
  • NAV Antenna
  • TAS Omni (1)
  • TAS Directional (1)
  • Artex ELT-ME406 Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Pitot System – Heated
  • Alternate Static Source
  • CO Detector/Pulse Oximeter
  • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
  • Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) Garmin - Electronic monitoring and exceedance-correcting system
    Standard flight controls:
  • Dual hydraulic brakes, toe-operated
  • Parking brake
  • Dual flight controls — aileron/elevator/rudder speedbrake
  • Speedbrakes
  • Pilot and copilot control stick
  • Pitch trim
  • AP disconnect
  • Control-stick steering button


A performance package inspiring of confidence

Detailed Specifications

Performance data is based on the standard TTx configuration, operating in International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions with zero wind. Takeoff and landing field lengths are based on a level, hard surface and dry runway.

Actual performance will vary with factors such as environmental conditions, aircraft configuration and operational/ATC procedures.

Preliminary data, subject to change.


  • Length
  • 25 ft 2 in (7.68 m)
  • Height
  • 9 ft (2.74 m)
  • Wingspan
  • 36 ft (10.97 m)
  • Wing Area

  • 141 sq ft (13.12 sq m)
  • N/A
  • N/A
    Cabin Interior
  • Height
  • Width
  • Length

  • 49 in (1.24 m)
  • 48 in (1.22 m)
  • 11 ft 8 in (3.55 m)
  • Maximum Passengers
  • 4
    Baggage Capacity
  • Weight
  • Volume

  • 120 lb (54.4 kg)
  • 25 cu ft (0.71 cu m)

Wingspan – 36 ft (10.97 m)

9 ft (2.74 m)

Length – 25 ft 2 in (7.68 m)


  • Maximum Ramp Weight
  • 3,600 lb (1,633 kg)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight
  • 3,600 lb (1,633 kg)
  • Maximum Landing Weight
  • 3,420 lb (1,551 kg)
  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
  • 3,300 lb (1,497 kg)
    Usable Fuel Capacity
  • Weight
  • Volume

  • 612 lb (278 kg)
  • 102 gal (386 l)
  • Basic Operating Weight
  • 2,600 lb (1,179 kg)
  • Useful Load
  • 1,000 lb (454 kg)
  • Maximum Payload
  • 700 lb (318 kg)
  • Full Fuel Payload
  • 388 lb (176 kg)


  • Maximum Cruise Speed
  • 235 ktas (435 km/h)
  • Maximum Range
  • 1,250 nm (2,315 km)
  • Takeoff Distance
  • Ground Roll

  • 1,900 ft (579 m)
  • 1,280 ft (390 m)
  • Landing Distance
  • Ground Roll

  • 2,640 ft (805 m)
  • 1,260 ft (384 m)
  • Service Ceiling
  • 25,000 ft (7,620 m)
  • Maximum Climb Rate
  • 1,400 fpm (427 mpm)
  • Maximum Limit Speed
  • 230 kias (426 km/h)
  • Stall Speed
  • 60 kcas (111 km/h)


Thanks to its TCM TSIO-550-C six-cylinder, fuel-injected, twin-turbocharged engine with dual intercoolers, the TTx boasts a max cruise speed of 235 knots (435 km/h) and a range of 1,250 nautical miles (2,315 km) at economy cruise speeds. So you’ll cruise higher in one of the world’s fastest single engine pistons in the sky.

  • Powerplant
    • Manufacturer: Continental Motors
    • Model: (1) TSIO-550-C
    • Power Output: 310 hp
  • Propeller
    • Manufacturer: McCauley
    • Description: 3-blade metal, constant speed