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Learn to Fly Overview

Delivering on the dream

The number of flight schools and private flight trainers out there is overwhelming, and for good reason — delivering on the dream of flight for new pilots is a fantastic way to make a living. Still, with so much competition, it can be difficult to stand out and attract new students. 

The benefits to becoming a certified Cessna Pilot Center are many, beginning with the chance to utilize the Cessna Flight Training System, a comprehensive, proven flight-training program that turns out competent, prepared, and confident new pilots. Cessna Pilot Centers also benefit from a variety of member-exclusive programs and free admission to instructional seminars and webinars that will assist you in operating your flight school more efficiently and profitably.  We offer supplementary means of raising your school’s revenue as well as reducing your school’s operating costs through parts programs, vendor discounts, marketing assistance and airplane purchase assistance programs. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of becoming a Cessna Pilot Center is your adoption of the Cessna brand. We are the world’s leading general aviation manufacturer, with a rich heritage and more than eight decades of engineering excellence. More than half the aircraft flying today are Cessnas. Cessna has many positive relationships with other aviation-industry leaders, from which you will benefit as a Cessna Pilot Center. 

To learn more about the full benefits of becoming a Cessna Pilot Center, contact us at We will assist in setting up a meeting with the Cessna Authorized Sales Representative who can meet with you and share a presentation that discusses the comprehensive benefits of representing Cessna.

Cessna Flight Training System

One advantage of the Cessna Flight Training System is the pairing of home study labs and flight lessons using our world-class aircraft. This pairing ensures that your customers show up for flight lessons completely prepared, having seen and studied the relevant material before arriving at the aircraft. The system uses advanced training concepts, including scenario-based training, single-pilot risk management, and learner-centered grading. Using the system, customers experience better comprehension of the material and flight instructors utilize consistent training methods across your school. This makes for consistent performance improvements during lessons leading to higher customer motivation. Cessna Pilot Center students learn 28 percent faster and are more likely to matriculate than the national average statistics for flight schools. In addition, success rates for Cessna Pilot Center students on FAA knowledge exams are significantly higher than the national average.

The Cessna Flight Training System also features an online, web-based customer tracking application that your school can use to track student progress, identify weaknesses, audit customers for course completion and compare customer statistics and demographics with other CPCs.

Powerful marketing

Cessna Pilot Center schools have access to the powerful marketing foundation of our company. Benefits for employees and students such as discounts on insurance, education credit, and flight-simulation products are only the beginning. You also have access to our advertising programs and marketing expertise. Most importantly is our contribution to your student acquisition rates as a Cessna Pilot Center. Cessna generates thousands of inquiries from prospective pilots every year through its website, advertising, and other marketing efforts. We distribute “Learn To Fly” leads to the Cessna Pilot Centers nearest the lead origin, so that you may follow up with these prospective students and build your business.

Pilot Center seminars

We host Cessna Pilot Center seminars and webinars designed to help you improve your operations and profitability, network with other flight school owners and operators, and learn about industry issues affecting flight schools. The seminars are free admission for Cessna Pilot Centers and prospective flight schools interested in becoming Cessna Pilot Centers. Seminars address topics such as fleet modernization, risk management, marketing ideas and resources, how to use the Cessna Flight Training System effectively, and flight-school accounting. Presenters at the seminars often include leaders in the aviation industry as well as representatives from top Cessna Pilot Center programs.

Ready to become a Cessna Pilot Center?

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