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Why Cessna overview

Citation business jets have accelerated more business growth and empowered more individual travelers than any other brand of light and midsize business jet in the world. Cessna aircraft have earned solid reputations for superior reliability, safety, and performance. See some of our owner stories below for specific examples. See also a selection of videos showcasing our engineering, manufacturing, corporate events, and more.

Begin the Journey

Your first flight will lead to a journey of a lifetime. The sky awaits you. (3:05)

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Caravan for Busines Aviation

Hear business owners discuss the efficiencies and expansions they've realized from investing in a Caravan. (2:16)

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Citation CJ4

The first production Citation CJ4 took its first flight on August 19, 2008. (1:30)

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Citation Latitude

It's the widest Citation in the sky. (2:14)

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Utilizing Business Aviation Series

Citation Customer Testimonial (2:46)

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Learn From The Best

The Certificated Flight Instructors at Cessna Pilot Centers teach you to become a confident pilot. (1:12)

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One Day. Two Trips.

View Cessna’s new video One Day, Two Trips, which appeared in New York's Times Square. (2:00)

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The Excitement is Building

Feel the energy of the M2 in this promotional video showcasing the features and design of the M2. (2:19)

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First Flights

Chesapeake to Kitty Hawk. One mom’s journey from Discovery Flight to pilot’s certificate. (3:10)

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