2014 Citation Special Olympics Airlift
June 14th & 21st, 2014 - Trenton, New Jersey

Register For Airlift

The 2014 Citation Special Olympics Airlift is coming up quick!

Citation and Hawker owners can help make this monumental effort possible by registering their aircraft, crews and fuel to transport Special Olympics athletes and coaches to the 2014 USA Games.

We have had a wonderful response from the aviation community, but the following flights are still open:

June 14 and June 21
- Mesa (IWA) to Trenton (TTN) and return these same athletes TTN to IWA
- Wichita (ICT) to Trenton (TTN) and return these same athletes TTN to ICT
- Atlanta (PDK) to Trenton (TTN) and return these same athletes TTN to PDK

June 14
- Raleigh-Durham (RDU) to Trenton (TTN)
- San Antonio (SAT) to Trenton (TTN)

June 21
- Trenton (TTN) to Raleigh-Durham (RDU)
- Trenton (TTN) to Nashville (BNA)
- Trenton (TTN) to Dallas (DAL)

If you can complete one or more of these flights, please register your aircraft! Email airlift@cessna.com or call 316.517.5438 for more information.


While Special Olympics athletes are preparing for competition, we are preparing to get them to the 2014 USA Games safely with your help via the 2014 Citation Special Olympics Airlift.

Thank you to all the Citation and Hawker owners for your generosity in donating your aircraft, your crew and the fuel to fly these VIP passengers to the Games.

Here’s what to expect as a registered participant in the Airlift:
- You will receive a letter with a CSOA decal and a medallion for your aircraft representing each year you have participated in
  the Airlift.
- In late May, you will receive a package that includes all the information you need for your Airlift participation, including your
  special “Dove” call sign.

Our team has worked hard to create a safe and efficient Airlift. We designed the process to allow you to drop off your passengers and turn around quickly, taking into account ramp space limits and high traffic in the northeast corridor.

The Pilot Hospitality Tent will have food, drinks, comprehensive weather briefings and a payment kiosk for handling all discounted fueling options. Airport personnel will be on site to provide necessary flight clearance.

Saturday, June 21, is the designated photo day. It’s always a highlight to capture the joy on the faces of the athletes as you prepare to fly them home with their medals! We will have photographers on site to capture group shots of you with the athletes.

For those that have never participated in the Airlift, there is a link to the wrap-up video from 2010 that gives you a peek
into this emotion filled event -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyQZimH4jL0.

2014 CSOA Facts

  • 2014 is the third Special Olympics National Games to be held in the United States.
  • This is the seventh Citation Special Olympics Airlift coordinated by Cessna Aircraft Company.
  • Primary airport will be Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN) with a runway length of 6,006 feet.
  • Games will be held at several sites in and around Greater Princeton / Mercer County Area.
  • Passengers onboard Citations will vary between three and seven athletes plus a coach or sponsor.
  • A Citation business jet will land or take off every two minutes for 10 hours.
  • Trip times will range from 1.5 to 3.0 hours.
  • Citations will transport over 800 athletes and their coaches from across the country.
  • Citations will deliver athletes on Saturday, June 14, 2014.
  • Citations will return athletes on Saturday, June 21, 2014.

History of Citation Special Olympics Airlift

1985 Cessna transported Special Olympics Kansas delegation in two Citations to the International Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.
1987 First Citation Airlift to International Summer Games in South Bend, Indiana. 132 Citations transported nearly 1,000 athletes and their coaches.
1991 Second Citation Airlift to St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota for International Summer Games. 180 Citations took 1,000 athletes and their coaches.
1995 Third Citation Airlift to Hartford, Connecticut. 197 Citations transported 1,600 athletes and coaches to the International Summer Games.
1999 Fourth Citation Airlift to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. 260 Citations transported 2,000 athletes and coaches.
2006 Fifth Citation Special Olympics Airlift to the first U.S. National Games, Des Moines, Iowa. 235 Citations transported 1,500 athletes and coaches.
2010 Sixth Citation Special Olympics Airlift to the second U.S. National Games in Lincoln, Nebraska. 161 Citations transported 830 athletes and coaches.

2014 Registered Participants

  • 1,4Group, Inc.
  • 1st Franklin Financial Corporation
  • Aero Transition, LLC
  • Aircraft Management Group Inc.
  • AirplaneIQ
  • Barnhill Contracting Company
  • Bear Air, LLc
  • Billfire, LLC
  • Biozyme Incorportated
  • Blue Line Aviation
  • BLWP Aviation Management
  • Bozzuto’s, Inc
  • Braxton Acquisitons
  • Brothers Bar & Grills
  • Caffey Distributing Co., Inc.
  • CareJet + AccessCare
  • Chairman Airmotive II LLC
  • Charlie Precourt
  • CK Aviation, LLC
  • Coca Cola Consolidated, Inc.
  • Conewago Enterprises, Inc
  • Conquest Flight
  • Culver's
  • CVG Properties
  • Data Processing Air Corporation
  • David Miller
  • Derek & Lisa Sien
  • Devils Lake Cars
  • Don Bruce American Home Design
  • DSW Development, Corp.
  • DW1 LLC
  • Eagles Rise Ranch
  • Egret Flyers LLC
  • Eye Fly, Inc
  • Ferrario Auto Team
  • Flightpath Charter
  • Flying Barefoot Ranch LLC
  • ForCountry
  • ForCountry
  • Frank Air Leasing
  • Haigh-Farr
  • Hat*Trick Holdings
  • Hughes General Contractors
  • Inspiring Hospice Group
  • Interplan Corp
  • Jason Talley
  • Jeff Martin Auctioneers Inc
  • Jim and Sharon AuBuchon
  • Joe & Annie Fisher
  • John Springthorpe
  • JW Construction Co., Inc.
  • Ken Kemna
  • Larry Cohen
  • Lee Aerospace
  • Lone Star Communications
  • MantaFlight, LLC
  • Marc Dulude
  • Maryland Sports Medicine Center
  • Mi Windows and Doors
  • Military Systems Group, Inc.
  • MyJet & Advantage Technologies
  • N621EM, LLC
  • Natinsky Aviation LLC
  • National Cart
  • Ozair Charter Service
  • Pace, Inc.
  • Pineyro Education Foundation
  • Premier Southwest Aviation
  • Proteger
  • Rand Family
  • Randy Sikora
  • RC Mart Aviation
  • Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc
  • Regulatory Compliance Associates Inc
  • RelaDyne
  • Rising Aviation High School
  • Robert J Fiscella
  • Rod McDermott
  • Roger Group Inc.
  • S&B Filters
  • Samuelson Ranch LLC
  • Scheels All Sports
  • SkyCope LLC
  • Solowave
  • Sonoma Jet Center
  • Stephen Elop
  • Stephen Elop
  • Steve Seidman and Rick Hamilton
  • Strafford Publications, Inc.
  • Tazewell Charter
  • TBX
  • Team Carolinas Dominos
  • Textron Inc.
  • The Budd Group
  • The Christian J. Sasfai family
  • The Gene Haas Foundation
  • The Schultz Family
  • Think Simple
  • TMS Consulting
  • Trident Construction
  • Two Winds Aviation LLC
  • Union Airspeed, LLC
  • Vertical Dynamics, LLC
  • Wenspok Companies
  • West Texas PCS, LLC
  • Westcorp
  • Whelen Engineering
  • Wintermute Aviation
  • Zeliff Aviation