• 2,192 nm

  • 451 ktas

  • 10 people

  • 6,970 lb

  • 3,190 ft

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The CJ4 marks a new level of performance maturity for the CJ family, providing added speed, range, and cabin size over its predecessor without incurring midsize jet operating costs. Technological advancements such as the Venue™ Cabin Management System and a spacious cabin interior upgraded for style and comfort also distinguish this jet. Impressive runway performance, refined wing design, and an enhanced powerplant round out the CJ4’s benefits, making it a favorite among corporate fleets.


The CJ4 is a marvel of gigantic proportions on the tarmac…

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Stay productive while you fly in ultimate luxury…

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Category-leading technology, ergonomic enhancements, and extreme user-friendliness…

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The CJ4 is the culmination of engineering improvement for the CJ series…

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Citation CJ4

The first production Citation CJ4 took its first flight on August 19, 2008.

Team CJ

Citation Service employs the best jet service engineers in the industry and groups them into model-specific teams that are committed to owners at any time of day, any day of the year. Team CJ is dedicated exclusively to answering questions and solving problems for the CJ series of jets, both current and legacy. Our service engineers are expertly trained with up-to-the-minute intelligence on each jet.

Model-specific teams are just one part of our robust owner services.

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CJ4 Electronic Brochure

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CJ4 Spec & Description Electronic Brochure

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Wonders aren’t always so small


Cabin fever you
will want

Stay productive while you fly in ultimate luxury. With the CJ4’s revolutionary Venue™ Cabin Management System (CMS), passengers can plug their  computer into their seat monitor and enjoy an ergonomically correct, high-resolution working environment. 

Select Your Personal Touches

The options for jet interior finishes are designed to suit your impeccable tastes by our own dedicated in-house designers, with over 35 years of combined aircraft design experience.

Citation cj4 Carnegie Interior collection Citation cj4 Hawthorn Interior collection

Interior Collections

These six sophisticated styling choices blend a unique palette of rich leathers, finely tailored fabrics, and polished wood veneers.

  • Mirror
  • Seat
  • Headliner/
  • Sidewall Recess &
    AFT Bulkhead
  • Seats &
    Table Tops
  • Sidewall
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • AFT
  • Window
  • Sidewall &
    Table Tops
  • Seats
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • Sidewall
  • Window
  • AFT
  • Sidewall &
    Table Tops
  • Seats
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet

  • Window
  • AFT
  • Sidewall &
    Table Tops
  • Seats
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet
  • Window
  • AFT
  • Seats
  • Sidewall
  • Table
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • AFT
  • Sidewall
  • Headliner/
  • Window
  • Seats, Table Tops
    & Sidewall
  • Black
  • Carnegie Citation cj4 Carnegie Interior collection
  • Coco
  • Hawthorne Citation cj4 Hawthorn Interior collection
  • Hyde Park
  • Silver
  • Black Edition Interior Collection

    A bold distinction of the Black Edition Interior commands attention with a strong, confident flow with handsome espresso toned veneers and luxurious satin black leather.

  • Carnegie Interior Collection

    Classic, cosmopolitan character with undeniable drama inspired by the storied history of legendary theatre.

  • Coco Interior Collection

    A modern take on traditional couture, the Coco Interior Collection gives a nod to the extraordinary warmth and luxury of a by-gone fashion era.

  • Hawthorne Interior Collection

    Updated old-world tailoring inspired by meticulously crafted, hand-bound volumes of nineteenth-century literature.

  • Hyde Park Interior Collection

    Sleek sophisticated lines are inspired by deep blue silhouettes emerging from nature's spectrum of silver mist.

  • Silver Edition Interior Collection

    A neutral palette of platinum blonde silks, luxury leathers, and plush textures.

A cabin of class

The CJ4 cabin introduces a new level of luxury and technology to the CJ line.

Cabin environment

The CJ4 features an attractive width of 58 inches, enhancing its cabin comfort.

The CJ4 features separate temperature-control zones for the cockpit and cabin, and digitally managed pressurization that maintains a sea-level cabin up to an altitude of 21,067 feet. Passengers can also enjoy an exceptionally quiet cabin via acoustic-blanket soundproofing.

Dual-zone temperature control
Digitally controlled pressurization
Long-lasting LED lighting

In-cabin technology

Introducing the award-winning VenueTM HD integrated cabin management and entertainment suite. Venue provides high-definition digital video and audio for in-flight entertainment or business. Connect your laptop and have a working session. Or relax during your flight with your choice of CDs, Blu-ray DVDs, and games.

Seating and configuration

Six deeply cushioned, generously wide reclining leather seats feature a patented retractable armrest design, with available lumbar support and seat-side media docks. Each seat tracks forward, aft, and laterally and may recline all the way to horizontal in certain configurations.

The standard configuration for the CJ4 cabin is six-place center club seating, with a seventh seat across from the entry door. Another floor plan configuration offers a two-place side-facing couch for a total of nine seats. Lockable external baggage compartments can be loaded with a massive 1,000 pounds of total weight.

Advanced soundproofing
Slim line refreshment center
Handcrafted furnishings


Operation: Best-in-class flight deck

Mission accomplished

The CJ4’s avionics suite combines category-leading technology with ergonomic enhancements and extreme user friendliness. Our engineers designed the CJ4 flight deck, powered by Collins Pro Line 21, from extensive research into how pilots interface with technology. The result is improved piloting with simple operations and significantly reduced workload. With the flight deck’s tilted control panel, illuminated push buttons replacing toggle switches, the ramped pedestal, and every flight instrument placed within the pilot’s field of vision, the environment is designed carefully around the work that is required. Electrically heated windshields and side windows keep the pilot in complete quiet as well, reducing distractions.

Navigating weather

A standard CJ4 capability is enhanced weather tracking via the MultiScan™ RTA-4112 Weather Radar system. Pilots can use this solid-state color radar system to detect weather systems and navigate around them to minimize turbulence. Short-, mid-, and long-range weather detection is included with multiple radar scans at preselected tilt angles. At any altitude or range, the system displays an optimized weather picture for the pilot.

The system’s true 320-nautical-mile “clutter-free” weather display detects weather-related threats at any location in the world. The accurate depiction of weather and turbulence hazards significantly reduces pilot workload and training. The system also supports integration of new data sources as they become available.

Key features include:

      • Fully automatic operation
      • Clutter-free, real-time weather detection from the aircraft nose to 320 nautical miles
      • Variable temperature-based gain
      • OverFlight™ protection
      • Geographic Weather Correlation (patented)
      • Certified turbulence detection
      • Enhanced ground-clutter suppression
      • TrueZero™ automatic antenna-misalignment compensation
      • Path attenuation compensation (PAC) and PAC alert
      • SmartScan™ rapid update technology
      • Exceptional transmitter/receiver system performance
      • Active gain in all modes
      • Full split-function operation
      • High reliability

Proximity awareness

An available optional capability for the CJ4 is the MARK V Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), by Honeywell, which protects against wind shear and controlled flight into terrain (CFIT). The pilot can input a variety of aircraft parameters and the system will apply algorithms to calculate an alerting envelope around the aircraft. When parameters are exceeded, the system will alert the flight crew with text messages on the displays, as well as audible alerts when necessary.

The system offers pin-selectable altitude callouts, envelope modulation, geometric altitude algorithm, turn extrapolation, auto-display pop-up, auto-tilt of weather radar, and the ability to host Honeywell’s Runway Awareness and Advisory System. Warnings include:

  • Excessive descent rate
  • Terrain closure rate
  • Excessive altitude loss after takeoff or missed approach procedure
  • Insufficient terrain clearance
  • Descent below glideslope
  • Excessive bank angle

    Standard Features
  • Dual Primary Flight Displays
  • Dual Multifunction Displays
  • Single Flight Management System with GPS Navigation
  • Integrated Flight Guidance System
  • Crew Alerting System
  • Integrated Electronic Checklists
  • Electronic Jeppesen Charts
  • Dual Attitude Heading Reference Systems
  • XM Broadcast Graphical Weather
  • MultiScan Weather Radar
  • Mark VIII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
    Optional avionics include:
  • Mark V Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System with Runway Awareness
  • Dual Flight Management System
  • High-Frequency Radio with SELCAL
  • 88-Parameter Flight Data Recorder
  • ACARS Data Link
    Installed in Center Glareshield Panel:
  • LH and RH Master Warning/Master Caution Lights
  • LH and RH Display Control Panel
  • CVR Microphone
  • LH and RH Engine Fire Control Switches
  • Flight-Guidance Panel
  • Reversion Controls
    Installed on Instrument Panel (left to right):
  • LH Digital Audio Control Panel
  • Avionics/Electrical Power Panel
  • LH Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • LH Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • Electronic Standby Instrument System
  • Landing-Gear Control Module
  • RH Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • RH Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • RH Digital Audio Control Panel
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder Controller
  • Database Loading Unit (DBU)
    Installed on Tilt Panel (left to right):
  • Oxygen Controls
  • Cockpit Temperature Controls
  • Fuel Controls
  • Manual Ignition Control
  • FADEC Switches
  • Pressurization Controls
  • Ice-Protection Switches
  • Curser Control Panels (CCP)
  • Collins FMS-3000 Control Display Unit (CDU)
  • Push-to-Talk Switch
  • Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch
  • Event Switch
  • Cabin Temperature Controls
  • ELT Remote Switch
  • Flight Hour Meter
    Installed on Pedestal:
  • Lighting and Dimming Controls
  • Engine Power Levers
  • Flap-Control Handle
  • Speed Brake Control Handle
  • Engine Start Control
  • Aileron Trim Control
  • Rudder Trim Control
  • Secondary Elevator Trim Control
    Installed Beneath Tilt Panel:
  • Emergency Brake Handle
  • Control Lock
  • Parking Brake Handle
    Installed in Floor Aft of Center Pedestal:
  • Emergency Gear Extension Handle


The culmination of engineering improvement

Detailed Specifications

Performance data is based on the standard CJ4 configuration, operating in International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions with zero wind. Takeoff and landing field lengths are based on a level, hard surface and dry runway.

Actual performance will vary with factors such as environmental conditions, aircraft configuration and operational/ATC procedures.


  • Length
  • 53 ft 4 in (16.26 m)
  • Height
  • 15 ft 5 in (4.69 m)
  • Wingspan
  • 50 ft 10 in (15.49 m)
  • Wing Area
  • Wing Sweep

  • 330 sq ft (31 sq m)
  • 12.5 degrees
  • 21 ft 2 in (6.45 m)
  • 12 ft 4 in (3.76 m)
    Cabin Interior
  • Height
  • Width
  • Length

  • 57 in (1.45 m)
  • 58 in (1.47 m)
  • 17 ft 4 in (5.28 m)
  • Maximum Passengers
  • 10
    Baggage Capacity
  • Weight
  • Volume

  • 1,040 lb (472 kg)
  • 77 cu ft (2.18 cu m)
  • Single Pilot Certified
  • Yes

Wingspan – 50 ft 10 in (15.49 m)

15 ft 5 in (4.69 m)

Length – 53 ft 4 in (16.26 m)


  • Maximum Ramp Weight
  • 17,230 lb (7,815 kg)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight
  • 17,110 lb (7,761 kg)
  • Maximum Landing Weight
  • 15,660 lb (7,103 kg)
  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
  • 12,500 lb (5,670 kg)
    Usable Fuel Capacity
  • Weight
  • Volume

  • 5,828 lb (2,644 kg)
  • 870 gal (3,293 l)
  • Basic Operating Weight
  • 10,260 lb (4,654 kg)
  • Useful Load
  • 6,970 lb (3,162 kg)
  • Maximum Payload
  • 2,240 lb (1,016 kg)
  • Full Fuel Payload
  • 1,142 lb (518 kg)


  • Maximum Cruise Speed
  • 451 ktas (835 km/h)
  • Maximum Range
  • 2,192 nm (4,060 km)
  • Takeoff Distance
  • 3,190 ft (972 m)
  • Landing Distance
  • 2,740 ft (835 m)
  • Maximum Operating Altitude
  • 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
  • Maximum Climb Rate
  • 3,854 fpm (1,175 mpm)
  • Maximum Limit Speed
  • 0.770 Mach


Two dual-channel, FADEC-controlled, Williams FJ44-4A turbofan engines are installed on the CJ4. This engine is a medium-bypass, twin-spool design with four compression stages and three turbine stages. It produces 3,621 pounds (16.11 kN) of takeoff thrust at sea level, static conditions, flat-rated up to 79°F (26°C). The FADEC system also provides time-limited dispatch, diagnostics, and engine synchronization.


  • Manufacturer: Williams International
  • Model: (2) FJ44-4A
  • Thrust: 3,621 lbf
  • Time Between Overhaul: 5,000 hrs