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As the world’s most trusted family of business jets, Cessna® Citation® aircraft propel you to pursue your dreams with confidence. With an expansive portfolio, Cessna® Citation® aircraft are designed to grow with your aspirations; spanning from the ideal entry-level light Citation® M2® Gen2™ jet to our flagship, the super-midsize Citation Longitude® aircraft, the Citation® family create a world of opportunity. These legendary Cessna® Citation® aircraft have been designed with you in mind, to turn today’s ambition into tomorrow’s success.



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Citation M2 GEN2

Maximum Range: 1550nm
?Miami to Montreal*
Maximum Passengers: 7

Citation CJ3 Gen2

Maximum Range: 2040nm
?Atlanta to Phoenix*
Maximum Passengers: 9

Citation CJ4 Gen2

Maximum Range: 2165nm
?Atlanta to Los Angeles*
Maximum Passengers: 10

Citation ASCEND

4 Passenger Range: 1900nm
Maximum Passengers: 12

Citation Latitude

Maximum Range: 2700nm
?Seattle to Grand Cayman Islands**
Maximum Passengers: 9

Citation Longitude

Maximum Range: 3500nm
?New York to Geneva**
Maximum Passengers: 12

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