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Designing the ultimate cabin experience


What was the inspiration for the interior design concepts of the Citation Longitude®?

Lydia: The vision and goal was to create an open, comfortable, quiet space that encourages freedom to move around the cabin with ease. The ample leg spacing between seats, as well as the flexible functionality of the seat design, creates a sense of control over your environment and a freedom to flow from one task to another as the flight progresses. We also wanted the Longitude interior to be so well designed that a passenger is never in a hurry to leave the aircraft.

Human-centered design is always a focus for all of our products. Passenger comfort and functionality are a must, and beautiful aesthetics are a given. The artistic balance of form, function and quality make up our signature value we always provide to our customers. Lydia Pierce, interior design specialist

Aesthetic inspiration comes from endless sources including fashion, textiles, architecture and the automotive world, just to name a few. The artistic elegance of a time piece, or even the texture and color block of a handbag might be the spark for the look and feel of an aircraft interior design.

How do you ensure the interior of the Longitude remains comfortable for passengers?

Lydia: Storage space is always needed by our customers, and the Longitude interior provides many creative uses of available space. The baseline configuration of the jet provides a large, cabin-accessible walk-in baggage area so that passengers can easily access their personal items during flight.

Lydia Pierce

Many hours of research and development went into the design of the Longitude to create the quietest cabin in its segment. The quiet interior invites productivity and ease of communication when working or conducting business during a flight and provides a peaceful environment when using the berthing seats or couch for a refreshing sleep. It also allows the passenger to experience the incredible sound system when listening to music or watching a movie.

Natural light plays an important role in our design, and the 15 large windows fill the cabin with light to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. This also provides an exhilarating view when the passenger simply wants to sit and relax.

Ambient lighting - positioned throughout the cabin - provides a relaxing sense of calm and relaxation that is particularly noticeable during nighttime flight. The accent lighting details can turn a dining experience into the feeling of a fine dining spot or a cozy bistro.


With production of the Longitude underway, what are you doing to prepare for the first round of deliveries?

Lydia: The interior design team has developed six baseline interior schemes for the Longitude (seen here). Each one offers a unique style to touch upon the diverse preferences and operational goals of our customers. The baseline schemes can be specified as is, or they can be a starting point from which to adjust. They can also serve as inspiration for a customer’s interior design.

We welcome the opportunity to design unique interior environments based on specific customer requests. Our designs can be customized to align with the branding of a company, the tastes of an owner, or the operational needs of the flight department. From our showroom, we can work directly with customers to select everything from fabrics, leathers, carpets, wood veneers and granite counter tops, to complete each unique configuration.Lydia Pierce, interior design specialist

It’s always exciting to listen to what each customer is looking for, and to help them create their unique interior look. The Longitude is able to transform into something different for everyone, and we’re excited to work with our customers to make the aircraft their own.

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