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Citation Ascend

To Transcend the Extraordinary,
First You Must Ascend.


More than a business jet, a business strategy

The Citation Ascend

  • 1,900 nm3,519 km
  • 441 ktas817 km/h
  • 12
  • 850 lb386 kg
  • 3,660 ft1,116 m
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Extraordinary was our starting point

Introducing the Citation Ascend™ jet. Step into the future of business innovation. The pinnacle of efficiency and productivity. Every detail considered and designed to take your business further. To transcend the extraordinary, first you must ascend.

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Inspired by how you do business

The new Citation Ascend™ jet, brilliantly designed to outperform. More distance and fuel-efficiency. Fewer stops and maintenance intervals. The perfect equilibrium to keep your business ahead of the curve.
Close up image of a Citation Ascend engine. Avionics panel for Citation Ascend. Side-facing couch with optional fold down storage. Autothrottle controls in cockpit. Citation Ascend flying above the clouds.
  • Citation Ascend with a hotspot on the engine. Close up image of a Citation Ascend engine.

    Travel smarter for your business with new dual-channel, FADEC-controlled engines. With greater fuel efficiency, improved range and increased thrust, it's the epitome of high performance.

  • Citation Ascend with a hotspot on the cockpit. Avionics panel for Citation Ascend.

    A flight deck built for now and well into the future with Garmin® G5000® avionics, featuring the latest software and hardware.

  • Citation Ascend with a hotspot on the baggage area. Side-facing couch with optional fold down storage.

    The Citation Ascend™ jet enables you to do more—carry more passengers or more baggage. It gives you more of what you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Citation Ascend with hotspots on the cockpit and the engine. Autothrottle controls in cockpit.

    An autothrottle-equipped flight deck for reduced pilot workload, smoother operations and a better flying experience.

  • Citation Ascend with hotspots on the wings. Citation Ascend flying above the clouds.

    New fuel-efficient engines give you increased range to keep you ahead of the curve. With a 4 passenger range of 1,900 nm, your business can go farther.


Success favors the focused

With the new Citation Ascend™ jet, the sky is your competitive edge. Experience the comfort of a flat floor and quiet cabin technology for uninterrupted productivity. Arrive focused, centered and poised for what's next.

Explore the executive cabin

  • Quiet Cabin
    Graphical depiction of Citation Ascend's sound dampening.

    Experience redefined aircraft comfort with our quiet cabin technology. By using enhanced sound dampening, you can enjoy a quieter ambiance usually reserved for larger jets. With sound levels quieter than previous 560XL jets and light jet aircraft, passengers can engage in a conversation, work or relax distraction-free environment.

  • Speakerless Sound
    Graphical depiction of the speakerless sound system.

    Indulge in an enhanced auditory journey during flight with the optional Bongiovi sound system. Become immersed in a surround sound experience that allows you to fully enjoy your favorite music, shows or optional XM radio through the cabin management system.

  • Interior Customization
    Examples of the many different materials that can be used in a Citation Ascend interior.

    Interior customizations on the Citation Ascend™ jet match the individuality of your aspirations for your time in the air. This aircraft sets the standard for in-flight comfort and durability. Our experts help you personalize your aircraft with luxurious and sustainable materials, reflecting your vision and values.

  • Flat Floor
    View of the flat floor in the Citation Ascend.

    Cabin comfort is now transformed by the ability to choose either a flat floor or a dropped aisle. With a flat floor, enjoy increased levels of generous legroom with abundant space to fully swivel your seat and stretch your legs in flight. Enhance your cabin's elegance by selecting optional stone or luxury vinyl flooring for the galley and lavatory areas.

  • Refreshment Center
    View of the refreshment center in the Citation Ascend.

    The refreshment center's larger, extendable work surface provides ample space to craft food and drinks. Select from a diverse array of high-end surface materials, including an optional stone finish. Enjoy hot beverages with the standard hot tank or power a self-serve beverage machine with the optional high-powered outlet.

  • Side-Facing Couch
    View of the side-facing couch in the Citation Ascend.

    The side-facing couch is more than just two comfortable seats, it can be transformed to provide additional in-flight accessible storage. With folding seatbacks that reveal a rubberized surface, this space keeps items in place during taxi, takeoff and landing to meet your needs for each flight.

  • Cabin Windows
    View of the window shades in the Citation Ascend.

    All-new cabin windows are nearly 15 percent larger and include transparent and opaque shade settings via wireless controls. The optional lighted window rings illuminate your cabin with extra brightness, amplifying cabin allure and enhancing the overall ambiance.

  • Lavatory
    View of the lavatory in the Citation Ascend.

    Customize your lavatory flooring with the option to choose carpet, stone or luxury vinyl. For a refined and stylish enhancement, select the optional stone vanity counter and elevate your space to new heights of sophistication.

  • Aft Cabin
    View of the aft cabin in the Citation Ascend.

    Unlock cabin versatility and an organized travel experience for you and your passengers with secure stowing and hanging storage provisions. This flexible space caters to your unique needs, and can be used for a passenger seat, coat storage or extra in-flight accessible baggage storage.

  • Seat Controls
    View of the arm rest in the down position in the Citation Ascend.

    Experience heightened convenience and comfort in the Citation Ascend™ jet. The seats, which feature a proven Citation design and seamlessly stowable armrests, now have an all-new push button release feature to control your seat position. This allows you to effortlessly swivel and track your seat forward and aft, providing an unmatched level of control.

  • Comfort and Ergonomics
    Close up view of the cushion and stitching in the Citation Ascend seats.

    Experience ultimate relaxation with newly engineered aircraft seats that feature customizable cushion firmness and optional lumbar support. Ergonomic designs and luxurious optional quilted patterns converge to create a perfect fusion of comfort and style on the Citation Ascend™ aircraft.

  • Wireless Smartphone Charging
    Smartphone in a charging dock in the side ledge of the Citation Ascend.

    Keep your devices fully powered and ready for use with convenient charging options for passengers and crew. This aircraft features three universal outlets, 19 standard USB ports and wireless smartphone charging available at every main cabin seat, a feature exclusive to the Citation Ascend™ in the midsize jet category.

  • Cabin Management System
    View of the Clairity Cabin Management system running on a tablet.

    The Clairity Cabin Management System™ gives you complete control of your in-flight experience. From adjusting cabin temperature and lighting to operating the window shades and entertainment system, your flight is easily managed at your fingertips.


Introducing your next business decision

The Citation Ascend™ jet is built with your success in mind. Increase savings with strong warranties, an unattended auxiliary power unit and thrust reversers. Make the economically smarter investment.
Technician working in a service facility.
Expected Best-In-Class Maintenance Intervals

Longer engine and airframe maintenance intervals keep you airborne at 800 hrs or 18 months, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The aft exterior of the Citation Ascend where the APU is located.
Unattended APU

The in-flight capable, auxiliary power unit enables power, heat and cooling with minimal fuel and noise. The new unattended capability allows pilots to prepare for every flight efficiently, saving valuable time.

Technician in the paint booth.
Better warranties

A trifecta of superior warranties on engine, paint and interior for elevated peace of mind.

Screen of the Textron Aviation service app.
New System Diagnostics

Reduce service downtime and record more than 9,000 parameters in-flight with Textron Aviation's exclusive AReS diagnostic system. LinxUs Air provides in-flight, real-time monitoring.

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When you're ready for your business to transcend the extraordinary, we're ready to show you how the new Citation Ascend™ jet can elevate your performance, productivity and profitability.
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