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Mobile service network keeps Houston business flying

At home, on location, always ready

As a real estate developer, Stuart Fred crisscrosses the country in his Cessna® Citation® CJ4®, visiting his company’s luxury class, multi-family apartment projects spread across 10 states. Since its inception in 1984, the Bomasada Group has completed more than $1.5 billion of asset transactions in new real estate developments, construction, acquisitions and dispositions. It’s meant thousands of hours in the air for Fred.

“The airplane is a wonderful business tool. It allows me to mobilize and move my company’s personnel and myself quickly and efficiently around the country to our various projects,” said Fred, who has logged more than 8,000 hours.

While Fred’s aircraft rarely requires unscheduled maintenance, he appreciates having access to the MSU fleet. Technicians can make necessary repairs on the ramp while he conducts business nearby.

In addition to the CJ4, the longtime Citation pilot has owned and operated a CJ, CJ1®, CJ2+® and CJ3®. To keep customers like Fred flying, Textron Aviation offers an extensive network of service capabilities, from 18 company-owned service centers with on-call ground teams, to a team that flies parts and technicians where needed, to ground-based fully equipped Mobile Service Units.

“Cessnas are well-built airplanes," said Fred, who pointed out his aircraft have rarely been AOG. "But when they do, and I’m not near a service center, I like knowing a Mobile Service Unit can be dispatched to get me up and running and back on my way,” said Fred.

“When I landed in Ogden, Utah, a couple of years ago, I experienced a nose wheel bearing failure. The airplane was AOG. With a quick call to Wichita, Cessna dispatched a Mobile Service Unit. Those guys were at the aircraft in a matter of hours with a new nose wheel assembly. They installed it on the airplane, signed it off and it was done.”

Textron Aviation’s Mobile Service Units are stocked and ready for inspections. The teams also perform RVSM checks and engine, tire and brake service on customers’ aircraft.

Fred appreciates the convenience of the Mobile Service Units beyond AOG service. Calling the MSU for routine maintenance allows him to concentrate on his business.

“I can easily schedule the work when it’s convenient for me and have them come to my hangar. I never have to leave my office," said Fred.

Fred likes to equate Textron Aviation with another company famous for its exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

“When you visit a Disney property, the experience is incredible. It’s the same with Cessna. They know you by name, and you know them. You have a personal relationship, which is really critical because you’re flying an airplane that not only transports yourself, but also family, friends and business associates. Because of that, I want the work performed by the best, and in my opinion, that’s a Textron Aviation service center or MSU.”

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