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In Europe, Citation Finds Charter Success

All successful charter companies can attest no two clients are the same and the ability to provide aviation solutions for any need is what sets them apart.

That's what Luxembourg-based Luxaviation Group has done with its fleet of CITATION jets, opening the skies to serve entrepreneurs, businesses, world-leaders and leisure guests.

"We have over 50 Textron Aviation products currently in operations worldwide, basically the whole past and present Citation line," said Robert Fisch, the chief aviation officer at Luxaviation. "The Citation jet line has been incredibly reliable and economical to run, and the clients just love them."

Robert Fisch, Luxaviation chief aviation officer
"We are using our Citation fleet extensively on any continent and they are very reliable airplanes. Customers enjoy the airplanes and the pilots like the systems and handling characteristics. The performance is exactly what we need."Robert Fisch, Luxaviation chief aviation officer

Luxaviation Group encounters a myriad of missions from its charter clients, and thus far, has always had a Citation jet to suit the need. The company said its CESSNA Citation CJ2+ jet is the ideal companion for a hunting trip to Scandinavia, the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet is proven to be a great family mover between Brussels and Malaga for holiday and the Cessna CITATION M2 aircraft has been the perfect solution for quick Paris to London business trips.

"The whole line is a tailor-made solution for many quests."Robert Fisch, Luxaviation chief aviation officer

Adding the Citation M2 Gen2 aircraft to its charter fleet, Luxaviation said it's able to level up its ability to fit the jet to the mission with increased comfort, design and technology.

Speaking about the Citation M2 Gen2 aircraft specifically, Fisch said, "It has the right size for inner European trips and day returns. The enhancements done on the cabin are a further improvement to an already very well-designed cabin."

Citation M2 Gen2 on runway Citation M2 Gen2 on ramp

Those enhancements don't go unnoticed. Luxaviation said its clients are mostly loyal, return customers, in part, because they trust in the quality of the aircraft they'll utilize. For that reason, Luxaviation takes the time to assess the age, layout, availability and pricing of any potential additions to its charter fleet and only take on the best.

"There are parameters like brand recognition and age of the aircraft. Adding a brand-new cabin like the M2 Gen 2 is definitely of higher interest to our charter clients," Fisch said.

"We feel very honored to be able to provide this new product and its enhancements to the markets we cover."Robert Fisch, Luxaviation chief aviation officer

Not to be ignored is the relationship Luxaviation has developed with Textron Aviation, accepting an invitation to participate in Customer Advisory Boards, actively engaging in product enhancement conversations and working together to find innovative customer solutions.

"The partnership that we have with Cessna and Textron Aviation is now several decades old," Fisch said. "They are always respectful and driven by the same passion for customer service."

The next generation of Citation jets will continue to land at Luxaviation as the company also selected a CJ4 Gen2 to add to its fleet in Europe.

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