Skyhawks and Kiowas

Submitted by: Cameron

Date: May 2014

Airport: Lloyd Stearman Field (K1K1)

Aircraft: 2012 Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Story by Cameron

Each year a group of pilot friends got together and provided an evening of rides for coworkers and family. We flew around the pattern, dropped off one set of passengers and picked up another. The flying was a blast, but the best part was giving a bunch of people their first flight in GA aircraft!

During my last flight of the evening I heard some unusual radio traffic. To that point everyone on the radio was one of my group, but by the time I landed there were two Kiowa Warrior helicopters on the ground. I parked next to them, of course, and captured one of my favorite memories ever!

Lloyd Stearman Field (K1K1)

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