Evolution Leads To A Revolution

The Cessna® Citation Longitude® aircraft is the new standard in the super-midsize category. No other business jet gives you more range, greater payload or higher cruise speed at a lower total ownership cost. The Citation Longitude has everything you need to evolve your business travel, including a lower cabin altitude, the quietest interior, more standard features and a comfortable cabin with a superior fit and finish.

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  • 3,500 nm4 Passenger Range
  • 476 ktasMax Cruise Speed
  • 12Max Passengers
  • 1,600 lbFull Fuel Payload

An Evolution In Manufacturing

Take a virtual tour of the Citation Longitude factory and learn how one-of-a-kind tooling and manufacturing methods are bringing the super-midsize jet to life.

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A Revolution in ComfortFeaturing the Quietest Cabin In Its Class

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A Silent Revolution

Sometimes, your favorite aircraft feature is the one you can’t see.

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Cabin Design Evolved

Whether you want your aircraft to be a hub of productivity for employees or a place to relax before landing at your next destination, in the Citation Longitude, you customize your ideal cabin experience.

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Innovation In Cockpit Design

Citation Longitude chief test pilot Ed Wenninger discusses the jet, how it’s tested and why the aircraft’s new technology is exciting for passengers as well as pilots.

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