Citation Longitude Delivers It All
  • Overview
    • Coast-to-coast hops. Transcontinental travel. With a four-passenger range of 3,500 nautical miles, the Citation Longitude was designed to go the distance.

    • The Citation Longitude offers best-in-class maintenance intervals of 800-hours or 18-months, up to 60% less scheduled maintenance than the competition.

    • Flight departments are backed by Team Longitude, a technical support team made up of engineers and technicians with expertise in the aircraft’s avionics, engine and airframe systems.

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  • Cockpit
    • Garmin™ G5000 avionics suite features autopilot and autothrottles with emergency descent mode, along with four touchscreen controllers right at your fingertips.

    • In the cockpit, the Longitude offers the best in technology – the high-processing power of the G5000 with optional HUD and EVS interfaces.

    • Get ready for takeoff faster; The Longitude has 35 fewer pre-flight checklist items compared to the nearest competitor.

    • Discover LinxUs®, an on-board diagnostics tool that provides real-time maintenance reporting.

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  • Cabin
    • The Citation Longitude offers the quietest cabin in the super-midsize segment.

    • The walk-in baggage compartment is pressurized and heated, allowing passengers unrestricted baggage accessibility during flight.

    • Best-in-class cabin legroom of 30” is at least 11% more spacious than the competition.

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  • Engine
    • Two Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines deliver 7,665 pounds of thrust each, while offering on-condition maintenance intervals.

    • Tuned for hot and high conditions, Honeywell powerplants save operators time and money, delivering total low-cost maintenance and direct operating costs of $2,455 an hour – the lowest DOCs in the super-midsize segment.

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