From the frozen tundra of the Arctic to the dense jungles of Papua, the CESSNA CARAVAN turboprop family of products go the distance to bring people closer together.

With their rugged flexibility and proven strength, this line of versatile turboprops has earned a reputation for being able to complete a mission under the most trying conditions. This is one story of how our customers use their multi-purpose turboprop to have a positive impact while traversing some of the planet’s most demanding terrain.

Helping the People of Papua

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) logs countless flight hours to provide vital aviation and radio communication services to Indonesian churches and non-government organizations. One frequent destination is the western half of the world’s second-largest island. This area is home to more than 250 ethnic groups who live amongst towering mountains and thick, nearly impenetrable jungles.


The Cessna Caravan turboprop—with its rare combination of high performance and low operating costs—helps make this mission attainable. In many cases, the Cessna Caravan turboprop family is the only way for MAF to reach these remote regions due to their rudimentary runways and difficult surroundings. Its better load capabilities and efficiency have allowed MAF to continue supporting the region with supplies and staff.


This critical relationship has helped MAF achieve their goals for decades. And, it’s the perfect example of the Cessna Caravan turboprop’s ability to help others do good.

What Can We Accomplish Together?

Whether it’s humanitarian missions, island adventures or high-risk expeditions, the Cessna Caravan family of turboprops makes it all possible. Superior speed, climb and range mean nearly any location is within reach.

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